Thursday, February 5, 2009


I am off to Coldwater, Michigan for a scrapbook extravaganza with the girls.

I will spend the weekend making them laugh, eating, eating, eating, napping, and oh yeah, doing a little scrapbooking.

Andrea will make fancy breakfasts like lemon curd stuffed pancakes and fruit kabobs.

I will be so impressed I will take pictures.

Kasey will become obsessed with my husband's naked chest and tape his picture to her drink.

I will create a scrapbook store inside the house and attempt to sell the 892837209487209847298 dollars worth of scrapbooking supplies I have collected throughout the years.

No one will buy anything since just my friends will be there.
They'll just steal my stuff when I'm not looking anyway.
We'll laugh until we cry.
That's what crazy weekends with the girls are for.

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