Saturday, July 5, 2008

What a Spitfire!

Yes, we're still battling at bedtime. Sweet Megan Kate is quite a spitfire, that is for sure. I just wanted to share this little story with you.
First, let me introduce you to "Binkydog." He was given to Megan when she was born by our neighbor Dena. He is Megan's most trusted friend. She goes to sleep every night with this dog and her "binky" - our word for pacifier. Megan has been calling him "Binkydog" since she first started speaking. I can't stress to you enough how much Megan LOVES Binkydog. She sleeps with a whole zoo of creatures, but Binkydog is her favorite! Keep that in mind . . .
So, we're still having trouble with Megan not staying in her big girl bed. The other night I went in there and said, "Megan, if you don't stay in your bed I'm going to take one of your animals away." She didn't stay in her bed and lost Minnie Mouse. I told her if she got up again, I was taking Binkydog. Guess what . . . yep, she stayed in her bed the rest of the night. I felt VICTORIOUS! Yes! I outsmarted a two year old. Hooray for me. Who needs Super Nanny anyway!
The next day, I used the same scare tactic when I tried to put Megan down for a nap. Get out of bed . . . lose an animal. As I was walking away from her room, I heard her door slam behind me. I turned around to see Binkydog laying on the floor in the hallway. I stormed back down the hallway and opened her door. She was quietly sitting on her floor reading a book. I guess she figured . . . "I'll show you. If Binkydog is the price of getting up then HERE, take him. I'll just read instead."
What a little firecracker! I have absolutely no idea where she gets that from. (ha, ha)
You know, I've faced a lot of different situations in my life. I taught violent offenders (in jail) my first year teaching. As a cop, I was shot at THREE times. I could write a horror novel with all the gruesome things I've seen. I have tons of experience dealing with all sorts of colorful people. Why is it that this little two year old is throwing me for a loop? I mean, I have a considerable weight advantage. I'd like to think I'm smarter. Surely if I can win a foot chase with a six foot tall man, wrestle him to the ground, handcuff him and take him to jail, I can get a thirty-two pound 2 year old to stay in bed. Yeah, maybe not.

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The Canterbury Family said...

Keep your diaper on... She'll come around... hahahahaha

hugs n kisses