Friday, July 11, 2008

Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July! It is my favorite holiday (even if a lot of people think that is strange.) There is just something about it . . . the patriotism, the warmth of summer, the cookouts, sparklers, fireworks, and best of all . . . potato salad. What is not to like about this holiday??? Seriously though, watching the fireworks gives me goosebumps every year. If someone plays, "I'm Proud to be an American" by Lee Greenwood I become a full blown sap, complete with goosebumps AND a few tears. I love America!

This year, we celebrated by having my family over. It was surprisingly cool but we enjoyed ourselves anyway.

Megan holding a sparkler. Don't worry, John was hovering just out of sight . . . ready to pounce if Megan looked like she was going to touch it.
My nephew Colin, enjoying his sparkler.

My sister Katie and her husband Justin.

My dad playing with the kids. How cute!
I make this appetizer every year. I love the Fourth of July!!!!

The crew, walking to the fireworks. (I dragged everyone to the very front so we would have a good spot. Notice the happy faces.) Megan tried to open up her chair right there on the sidewalk.

Here we are in the perfect "firework viewing" location. This was Megan's first year to see them and I wanted a great seat.

John and I, enjoying the moment.

John and Megan, looking up at the fireworks. Megan was a little afraid but hasn't stopped talking about them since. She keeps saying, "Fireworks! Wow! Loud!"


Anonymous said...

Hope you had a happy birthday, Lisa, and thanks for another wonderful post. I love the photos!


The Canterbury Family said...

You have a hot sister.