Thursday, July 31, 2008

First Trip to the Dentist

Did you know I'm terrified of the dentist?? I'm not really sure why either. I've only had one cavity, and that was just this year. (I was so afraid of the filling, John had to leave work and come with me.)

I didn't want my own fear of the dentist to rub off on Megan. Guess what . . . she's not a big fan either. ha, ha

I took her to the "pediatric dentist" which seemed to help. They had all her favorites . . . Elmo, stickers, and balloons.

The dentist counted her teeth . . . 16. That means we are due for 4 molars. Can't wait for that! Should be loads of fun.

No cavities! Hooray, especially since I'm pretty sure the sedating gas isn't available for the mommies and I'm certain I would need it.

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