Sunday, July 27, 2008

Coldwater Lake

This is the lakehouse where my friends and I go scrapbooking in the winter. It is on a little island called Iyopawa on Coldwater Lake, Michigan. It makes an even better summer get-a-way!

Andrea, Kasey, and I packed up the kids for a lake adventure.
Megan playing in the sand on the little beach in front of the lakehouse.

Megan, Cooper (Cuckoo), and Anna all started splashing and laughing at the same time. Kodak moment!

We took a walk around the island almost every night. Megan and Anna
would hold hands. How adorable!

Megan's very first boat ride. I was a nervous wreck but she really enjoyed it.

Cooper fell in love with Megan and wouldn't stop kissing her. She now has the cold that he had at the lake. I told her, "See, that's what you get for kissing boys."

Megan fell asleep in the chair on the deck, and she didn't even partake in the afternoon cocktail hour with the mommies!

At the sandbar.

The three kiddos eating breakfast in the morning. They all kept complaining that one was closer than another so we had to push all their chairs together until they were touching.

Megan, thrilled with the seaweed she found at the sandbar.

So cute!

On the way home from the lake, Cooper was a little tired (understatement of the century) in the car. He was crying and whining for a LONG TIME and Megan finally took her pacifier out of her mouth and handed it to him. ha!

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The Canterbury Family said...

Looks relaxing. I can only imagine the relaxing time you had during Megan's nap, sipping cocktails lakeside... Is this a picture of the ONLY day she took one?? LOL!!!