Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Keller Halloween Spooktacular 2012

Every year we celebrate Halloween
by having a feast called the
Keller Halloween Spooktacular.

 Like last year, Brendan decided
rather than eating he would
 prefer to just sit there and
be cute.  And beg for candy.
 We feasted on a brain jello mold.
I know.
It is Halloween, remember.
Still gross.
 Mummy dogs.
We have these every year.
You just can't do any better
than hot dogs and crescent rolls.
You just can't.
 New addition - gross mouths.
No one but John ate them.
Brendan disposed of his
by shoving it in his drink.
He thought we wouldn't notice.
We did.
 Cheesy boo-tatoes and plastic rats.
 Ghost cupcakes!
And creepy, crawly slug bug punch with
gummy worms.
Happy Halloween from the Kellers!!!!
Stay tuned for pics of the cutest Halloween costumes you've ever seen ever ever ever.

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