Friday, October 12, 2012

Disney Vacation - Part One

You are not seeing things.  This is actually a new blog post. 
 No need to adjust your computer monitor. 
We took a Disney vacation and I figure,
when you drop that kind of dough you are obligated
to blog about it, don't you think?
Yep, blog about it AND remind your kids everyday
how much fun they had . . . so they never forget the week
you spent their college fund at Walt Disney World.
Just kidding . . .
Since I have two hundred bazillion jagillion pictures, I figured I would
post nearly all of them and make you live every moment of our vacation with us.
The good news is two hundred bazillion jagillion pictures
won't all fit in one blog post, so you are guaranteed at least a couple more posts
before I fall off the face of the earth again.
Aren't you excited????
You better be!
Our first stop was the T-Rex Cafe in Downtown Disney.

That is a dinosaur in the mist back there.
Just didn't want you to miss it. 
Inside the restaurant, they have all kinds of animatronic
dinosaurs that are completely still until your kid
 gets next to them. Then they start to move
and growl and scare the crap out of
them.  It is awesome.

Working up the courage to reach out and touch it.

You know it . . . as soon as she got this close
 it came alive, started moving, and made
 her scream and jump 13 feet in the air. 
Magical memories.

By the way, Brendan - lover of all things dinosaur
and the reason we came here in the first place-
wouldn't get anywhere near the scary,
giant things.  Just imagine him sitting
here next to Megan.  Thanks for your

John ordered a brontosaurus burger and
ate the entire thing. I was shocked
and impressed and disgusted
all at the same time.

Brendan asked for a plate of "nothing" (seriously)
and that is exactly what he got. 
We aim to please around here.

After we ate dinner and let all the dinosaurs
scare the pants off us  provide an excellent
 learning opportunity, we went outside
to dig up some fake bones and pretend
we were archeologists.

It was actually pretty cool and the kids
had a blast.

Then John found a hidden Mickey in the jeep
 outsidethe restaurant.
 We are hidden Mickey nerds.
Don't hate.

Then we walked around and bought a bunch
of stuff in the shops that the kids
will lose or break by next week 
treasure forever.

That's my dad.  Did I mention my parents
 came on this trip with us?
They did. 
So did my sister and her family,
 but they didn't come
to Downtown Disney this night.
 Confused yet?  I hope not.

Then we went to the little arena and
waited for a show to start. 
They played some music and Brendan
"the ham" stood in
the front and started dancing.

A little girl shyly walked up and
started dancing with him.

Then they both realized it was awkward because she
was obviously much older and much taller.

Brendan aka "Daddy Mack" was a chick magnet
that night, attracting the older chicks with
his dance moves and swagger.

The little girl went and sat back down with her parents
and John bought a lemonade.  Brendan grabbed the lemonade
and ran right over and offered it to the little girl.  What an adorable
little gentleman!  So glad she didn't take it or I would have had to go grab
it back.  That lemonade cost $6!!  No joke.
It was pretty cute, and I was laughing so hard I was crying.

Then this happened.  That is a tattoo the entire length of
Megan's forearm.  It happened right after I told my dad
to please please please get her a SMALL tattoo if he insisted on
getting her one at all.  Like, just a little Minnie Mouse on
her hand or something.
I don't have a photo of myself looking at this tattoo
when Megan and my dad came back,
but if I did it would look something like this.

Dad, I'm glad you found this so funny.
That tattoo will live forever in
every. single. photo
I have of Megan at Disney World.
Muchas gracias, dad!

Then the kids rode a train  and we went home.
And I dreamt that night about taking a bottle of nail polish remover to that
tattoo . . . .

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