Sunday, October 23, 2011

Leeds Farm 2011

With my re-election campaign in full swing, I have to admit I've been out of the house more than I would like. I've been gone quite a bit lately and John has had to take over just about everything so I can go out and shake hands, talk economic development and fiber optic networks, etc. I really do enjoy getting out and talking to people but I started missing my two little people. So today, I temporarily suspended the Re-elect Lisa Train for a little fall fun at

Leed's Farm!

In case you're not familiar with Leed's Farm, it is a friendly little farm not too far from our house. We go every year, drop a large wad of cash, and spend the day trying to get both kids to look in the same direction for a picture. It is great fun!

See what I mean about the picture thing?

We take this traditional picture every year and marvel at how much the kids have grown since last year.

Making a snow angel in the corn . . . or would that be a corn angel? You decide.

One out of two people looking in the correct direction = photo success.

And, of course, we cannot forget the Banana Bus. There was one precarious year when I got in the Banana Bus and wasn't very sure I was going to be able to pry myself out. I'm so glad they added seatbelts this year so Brendan could ride on his own.

Imagine my surprise when I was walking to unbuckle him after the ride was over and he unbuckled himself and got out on his own. Seatbelts = false sense of security.

Then it was time to feed the goats.

Despite how these pictures make it look, the fun of feeding the goats lasted approximately 0.00009 seconds.

Then it was on to some more fun,

and some more unsuccessful attempts to get both kids to look in the same direction at the same time.

Then it was on to the zip line!

And yes, my friends, that is my 2 year old baby zip lining.

Let me say that again.

My two year old baby can zip line!

I learned several things today.

1. There is not a thing in this world

that means more to me than my little peeps.

2. Pictures are a lot more successful when

taken one child at a time.

3. It is tough to find a place more fun

than Leed's Farm in the fall.

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Ruth Dunkman said...

Looks like a great day! I continue to be astonished by the feats of your Paul Bunyan clone. Love you!