Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Brendan's Surgery

After the 6th ear infection of 2011 (and all the crankiness and lack of sleep that goes with them) we took the doctor's advice and scheduled Brendan for surgery to have tubes inserted.

His surgery was scheduled for early this morning and John's parents traveled from Dayton to help us get Megan off to school and provide moral support.

Last night, John's mom was so worried we would oversleep she prayed God would wake us up on time. No joke - there was a huge thunderstorm 5 minutes before our alarms were set to go off and we all woke up. Whoa! She has some serious pull with the man upstairs. I asked her to pray we win the lottery. I'll let you know how that turns out.

Anyway, here are some pics of Brendan before his surgery.

The surgery only took about 8 minutes. Based on the price of the surgery, the doctor earns $98438595905792549.96 a minute. I'm enrolling John in medical school tomorrow.

Favorite moments of the day:

1. Hearing Brendan sing "Twiiiiiiiiiiiinkle Twiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinkle Liiiittle Staaaaaaar" after they gave him the "relaxation" meds before surgery. It was kinda like drunken two year old karaoke.

2. Bringing Brendan home and watching him stumble all over the living room. He was like a weeble-wobble except this weeble-wobble actually fell down. He would say, "Oops! I sorry. I'm o-tay" and get right back up again.

3. Going to the Trunk-or-Treat event at Megan's school. He was the only Frankenstein there that actually had surgery that morning. That degree of authenticity should have won him the costume contest, don't you think?

We'll do anything for a little free candy around here.

Seriously though, he is doing just fine - acting like his normal self.

The doctor said he had no restrictions, so don't go thinking I'm a bad mom because I dragged my freshly-operated-on-two-year-old to trunk or treat just to get his bag of candy.

Cause I didn't.

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Ruth Dunkman said...

So glad everything went well! Loved the part about the thunderstorm. Mom spent many hours at the kitchen window with her rosary praying us all home. We are blessed.