Saturday, October 29, 2011

Keller Halloween Spooktacular 2011

The Keller Halloween Spooktacular has become somewhat of a tradition in these parts.

This year, we began the festivities with the creation of the famous Frankensnack.

For a step-by-step tutorial on how to make the famous dessert we enjoy every year, click here (only we use a sharpie marker to draw the face instead of painting it with chocolate. Much easier.)

Drawing the faces on the Frankensnacks.

Mixing up the pudding


Then we made some creepy crawly bug juice.

The bug juice was a disgusting new addition to the Spooktacular this year.

Made from fruit punch, ginger ale, sherbert, gummy slugs and worms,

this tasty treat was a big hit. Thank goodness this was part of the menu since the bugs were the only part of the meal Brendan actually consumed.

And we cannot forget the mummy dogs!


Brendan wasted no time shoving all the worms into his mouth at once.

Then it was on to the annual pumpkin carving contest, although I'm not really sure why we even call it a contest. Megan wins every year.

Seriously, who ever heard of a 5 year old carving a pumpkin?

Don't believe me?

Check out the skills . . .

Brendan was pretty impressed, too!

Check out his surgical bracelet from the other day.

He won't let me cut it off.

Guess who did this pumpkin?

Yep, me.

The election is less than two weeks away.

I thought it was pretty clever.

John made fun of it.

Imagine John's trying-to-sound-like-an-idiot voice . . .

"Yep, I wasn't sure who I was going to vote for until I saw that pumpkin and now the decision is so clear!" John, you are such a wiseacre.

John also had an amazing pumpkin creation this year (not as amazing as the "Vote Keller" pumpkin) but I have no photo of it yet. He was still working on it when I retired my camera for the evening. Don't worry too much. It will be included in the Halloween photos I'm sure.

And that, folks, was how we celebrated the Keller Halloween Spooktacular 2011.


Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! Grandma Denise

Ruth Dunkman said...

"Vote Keller" is so cool! And I loved the mummy dogs (and seriously, everything.... you guys have such a sweet family)!

OhioFamOf4 said...

We always have our mummy dogs for dinner on Trick-or-Treat night, so the kids are anxiously awaiting them, much to Jason's chagrin. He is not at all a fan of hot dogs, lol.