Friday, July 29, 2011

The Third of July

Since it is almost the end of July, I figure it is about time to share with you our Independence Day festivities. Since we love the holiday so much, we celebrated twice.

The third of July was spent in Dayton with John's side of the family. John's brothers and sisters are scattered around the country (and even the world with Paul in Bahrain!) so it was nice to gather in one place and see each other again.

We played this game called Bananagrams, also known as MakeLisaFeelStupidgrams. It is basically high pressure scrabble - you get a group of letters and have to try to make your own scrabble board in front of you and be the first to use up all your letters.

Now seriously, I'm no dummy. I scored pretty high on my SATs and I even used to be a teacher. I'm the smart one in my family. In this family, I'm at the bottom of the intellectual food chain.

Ruth would flip over her letters and all I would see next to me is the blur of her arms moving. I would look over and see her words - insidious, ostentatious, perfunctory, untenable. (*Not her actual words. I googled big, smart sounding words and here are a few I came up with just as examples.)

I would look down at my words - at, to and the pile of letters I hadn't yet figured out how to incorporate into a word.

I kinda hate Bananagrams.

So I left the Bananagrams to the big brains and I just ate some cupcakes.

Happy Third of July!