Friday, July 1, 2011

Safety Town

Megan spent the last week in Safety Town.

Safety Town is a fun little place where kids go to learn all about how to stay safe.

Here is the Police Chief giving Megan a medal for completing the week-long course.

Megan really got a kick out of Casey the police dog. That car is on a remote control, has working sirens and lights, and plays "Who Let the Dogs Out." I want one.

I learned a lot in Safety Town as well, thanks to Megan correcting me fifty times a day. Did you know I reached the age of 36 without knowing how to properly cross the street, or how to properly stop at a stop sign or railroad crossing? Perhaps they should create a Safety Town for the grown-ups too. Don't worry, now that I have the junior police riding around with me, you know I'm doing it all by the book now :)

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