Thursday, June 30, 2011

Megan's Cake Decorating Party

Last week we celebrated Megan's 5th birthday with a party!

This year's cake was cheesecake cake with strawberry filling, chocolate cake with peanut butter filling, and vanilla bean cake.

Instead of doing the backyard party where everyone complains about the heat, we rented an air conditioned hall . . . and then it was a measly, comfortable 72 degrees outside.

Oh well.

My mom made Megan this apron in preparation for some serious cake decorating.

Cute, huh?

Then each kid got their own apron, chef's hat, and a little cake to decorate.

Megan took this task extremely seriously.

Cake decorating is no joke, after all.

And now for the completed cakes . . .

I think I did my yearly duty of sugaring up all of our friends before sending them home with their decorated cake.

And no birthday party photo montage is complete without a photo of the kids and Nana.

There you have it folks.

Happy 5th Birthday, Megan!


Sara said...

Looks adorable Lisa...I may use this idea for a party in the future. Anna just asked me if she could sign up for that party:)

Ruth Dunkman said...


tarheelmom said...

love the cake and the cute hats!