Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Chris!

This is my father-in-law, Chris. (holding Brendan at Easter)

Chris's birthday is today.

He called earlier today and I forgot to wish him a happy birthday.


Black mark #1.

His birthday card is still on John's desk.

Black mark #2.

Wow, it has not been a good day in the daughter-in-law department.

As I was pleading my case with him, insisting I'm not the worst daughter-in-law in the world, I pleaded that there must be something good I've done that would erase those pesky black marks.

We were able to come up with one. (I cooked him food when his wife was sick.)

Now I'm still left with one stinkin' black mark next to my name.

I've had some time to think about it and I've come up with quite a few more nice things I've done.

#1 - I married John. (Admittedly, that may not rise to the level of erasing black marks but I'm including it here anyway.)

#2 - I helped to expand the Keller clan by two members, not including myself. (Now, that's remarkable and should at least erase half a black mark.)

#3 - There is no #3. I just threw that in to make this list look longer.

Alright, Chris. I owe you half a black mark.

How's this . . .

You are the kind of man that produces a son any girl would be lucky to marry. (I really mean that.)

You never miss a birthday, anniversary, or any other important day in our lives.

You are always here for us when we need you.

I really think you are pretty cool.

Cool enough, even, to forgive half a black mark just because of #4.

#4 - I did a whole blog post just to say . . . Happy Birthday, Chris!!!!!!!!


Ruth Dunkman said...

Wow, that tribute is way better than the card and phone call I gave him!

Anonymous said...

Has Daddy seen this? Speaking of which, sorry all YOU got was a measly phone message for your birthday. I love you though, Sissy! VERY much! Laura Haney