Thursday, August 18, 2011

This is How We Rock a Birthday

Today started like any other . . . half dressed child, begging for bananas.

But today was different than any other day because it was Brendan's birthday!

So after breakfast we got (fully) dressed and headed out the door.

First stop: giant playground.

*insert wardrobe change due to wet slides*

Please take note of the placement (or lack thereof) of Brendan's feet.

He is dangling by his fingertips and using his brute strength to pull himself up.

As he was doing this, a little crowd of moms gathered.

They gasped and asked, "How old is he????"


One mom said, "Oh my! He is totally rocking that climbing wall!"

He was, too. Totally rocking it!

We were the cool kids on the playground today.

All that climbing worked up quite an appetite.

I decided to break the rules of healthy eating we (sometimes) follow and treat my little man to his favorite cuisine - McDonalds nuggets and fries. Gross to me, complete delicacy to him.

Then it was home to nap and play until . . .

daddy came home and we all gathered around for our evening tackle/hug.

And a few more of Brendan's favorites for dinner - pizza and red Kool-Aid, in a real glass with ice (just like the one he is always trying to steal from mommy.) Call me crazy.

No birthday is complete without a birthday cupcake decorated by Megan

and a good coating of saliva spray for good measure.

This is Brendan trying to see if the whole cupcake would fit into his mouth at once.

(It wouldn't.)

Then it was on to some presents sent by a very thoughtful Godmother Sara

and Aunt Ruth and Uncle Bob

and Grandma and Grandpa K too.

So, like I said before, we really know how to rock a birthday around here.

We're not even done! On Sunday, we'll celebrate with a Bubble Guppies cake and a birthday party.

And now, I'll close this blog post with a list of Brendan's many talents at age 2:

Did you know he can sing his ABCs, You are My Sunshine, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star?

One of his favorite games is climbing up to the top of the stairs/couch/table/etc. Once he's reached the top he yells, "Momma, CATCH!" at which point I have exactly 3 nanoseconds to determine where the sound is coming from, dash to his location, and catch him just before he crashes to the ground. It is so much fun!

Now, didn't I tell you we know how to rock a birthday?


Ruth Dunkman said...

Wow, the climbing wall feat is leaving me speechless! Thanks for sharing the big day with us groupies! Love you all! said...

Great Birthday! Looks like it was a lot of fun!Love, GG