Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Golden Egg

Let's pretend Easter wasn't forever ago.
Let's pretend it just happened and you can't wait
to see how we celebrated.
OK? Perfect. Thanks.

It all started with an empty Easter basket
and the city's annual Easter Egg Hunt.

Now, let me tell you something about this egg hunt.
There is just one egg out there
that is a little more special than the rest.
In these parts,
we refer to it as . . .
The finder of this egg is entitled to a special prize at the end of the hunt.
Now, on this particular day the sun was shining just so and the golden egg was visible from the starting line . . . almost taunting us with its sparkle.

We immediately surveyed . . .
We clearly needed a strategy.
Megan decided she would run straight for the golden egg,
even if it meant leaving behind the other eggs on the way.
She wanted that golden egg.
I have to admit, I wanted it to.
I mean, I wanted her to have it of course!

Then, the organizers announced this ridiculous
rule that you couldn't run. No running at all?
My first inclination was to tell her to run like the wind,
get the golden egg,
then say,
"What? I'm only three.
Now where's my prize?"

Except that I'm an adult
and I'm supposed to be mature enough
to do the right thing. Being an adult is
SO LAME sometimes!
So here we are WALKING and picking up eggs.
Oh yeah, and some other kid
ran to get the golden egg.
I told Megan that doing the right thing
feels better than getting the golden egg.
I think she believed me even though I lied.

But, let's see who got the last laugh.
Whose picture was on the front page
of the newspaper the next day, looking all cute
picking up Easter eggs?
The rule-breaking golden egg stealer?
Miss Megan Kate was.
(If you would like a copy, just ask.
I only bought approximately 7366347
copies of the newspaper that day.)

At some point we colored Easter eggs too.

I love the serious look on her face here.

And then we waited for the Easter bunny
to hop on over and deliver the treats . . .
There is more to this story, like decorating the bunny cake and the egg hunt at my parents' house. Perhaps I'll get around to posting that before the Fourth of July rolls around.

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Missy said...

This is awesome! You are a better mother than me, I would have ran carrying my kids! LOL This is just so sweet!