Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 2009 Recap

The day began with the usual making-of-the-treats.
First, it was monster dogs and eyeballs for lunch.
Then Megan and I made these delightful little crunchy spider snacks.

She made me laugh when she said, "I ate his eyes so now he can't see. I ate his legs so now he can't move." (See photo of the poor little eyeless, legless spider below.)

Then we carved pumpkins. Well, actually John carved pumpkins and I watched and took pictures.

Check out Brendan's smile. Two and a half months old folks but that outfit he is wearing is a size 9 months. What can I say, we make giant children.

Megan took this picture.

And I took this one.

Then we suited up for an evening of trick-or-treating

and Brendan fell asleep.

Megan was shy at first about going up to the houses, but once she realized there was candy involved she was the leader of the pack.

Happy Halloween 2009!


tarheelmom said...

found your site at random through friends of friends in alabama...i stop by now and again. cute halloween pics...or should i say "stinkin'" cute for your little one?
love the pumpkins!

Ruth Dunkman said...

Loved the picture of the angel and the sleeping skunk! And those jack-o-lanterns are amazing!

Laura Shivers said...

Adorable kids, costumes and pumpkins! Glad you had good weather and fun!! XOXOXO