Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Two Seasons, One Week

Did you miss me last week?

I packed up both kids to go experience . . .

There is nothing else quite like it, especially in the Allegheny foothills.
Nestled amongst the trees there is a magical place where memories are made.
Our Cabin
What a wonderful place to experience fall.

My cousin Sara thought so too - she drove all the way from Texas with two of her kids and my Aunt Ann to experience it with us.

We took walks . . .

(That's Sara and her daugher Anna . . .

and little Brendan and I.)
The kids did activities like making caramel apples . . .
and took turns driving the John Deere.

(That's Sara's son Brandon and my dad.)

We rode up to the pond to admire the trees.

Wonder what the babies did all week?

Oh yeah, and they cried a lot too.
(But much less with all those eager arms to hold them. Thanks everyone!)

We were having such a good time enjoying fall . . .

It snowed so much that the electricity went out.
We played a story game called "My car broke down in Amish country and I . . . "
We sat in a circle, taking turns adding a sentence to the story.
(We're kinda obsessed with the Amish and we like it like that.
Two seasons - one week
One heck of a good time.


Ruth Dunkman said...

Great pix! Is Brendan wrapped up in his miracle blanket in the photo in the carseat?

Schwartz Family said...

That looks like so much fun! I have always wanted a cabin. What a great place to spend time with the family!

my stay-at-home-momma drama said...

Ruth, it isn't the miracle blanket. I'll post a pic of him in the miracle blanket soon.