Saturday, October 3, 2009

One month

Dear Brendan,

I'm already preparing myself for the moment when you ask me why Megan has 1093489345720983752987 pictures/scrapbook pages/blog posts about her childhood and you have 13. Here is my better-late-than-never effort to update the world on what has been going on with us since your birth. It has been pretty hectic around here lately.

So, let's start at the beginning . . .

We brought you home from the hospital. I loved it there and kinda wanted to stay there forever. I had someone to bring me three meals a day and change my sheets. I could take naps whenever I wanted and could watch TV without even getting out of bed. It was like a resort for mommies. Everyone kept asking me how I was feeling and bringing me these little pills that made me feel WONDERFUL.

You were so hungry. So hungry that you made mommy hurt very, very badly. I'm not going to go into details here but put it this way, blood was involved. So, don't even think I'm going to feel guilty about giving you a little formula so I could heal a bit.

Once we came home, everyone wanted to see you. Here you are putting your Uncle Justin to sleep.

You had your first doctor visit. We found out you were already back up to your birth weight of 9 pounds 2 ounces. Nice job! And you grew 1/2 an inch. Amazing.

I stopped having time to worry about what Megan was wearing. See what I mean.

Megan made you some blue cupcakes to celebrate your one week birthday. She was so proud of herself.

You had your first bath which you actually kinda liked until we got your hair wet. Don't worry, this whole event is captured on video so we can watch it someday with one of your girlfriends.

Your Grandma Keller came to stay with us for a while to help out. She knitted you this beautiful blanket that we will treasure forever.
And here you are at one month old . . .

Aunt Katie calls you "moose" cause you're so enormous. You've already outgrown most of your newborn clothes. (Some you never wore because you were already too big.)
At one month you were wearing size 3-6 months!

At one month, you already weighed 12 pounds. That kind of weight gain took some serious eating time on your part . . . like every 2 hours for 45 minutes at a time. (sometimes more) You better be nice to me for your whole life, by the way. Ouch, I'm getting tears in my eyes just remembering the pain, the ice packs, oh goodness.

Some other things I don't want to forget about you:
*Newborn diapers were too small for you and the nurse in the hospital had to go find size ones.
*You flash me the most adorable smile while you are sleeping. I know it is probably gas but I love to see it nonetheless.
*Speaking of gas, you have a serious problem mister. Whoa!
*Your eyes are very dark blue. I'm wondering it they will stay that way.
*You love to be held and hate it when I put you down.
*It took absolutely no time at all for me to be completely wrapped around your finger. I love you little guy!

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Ruth Dunkman said...

What a beautiful photo record of Brendan's first month! Love you all!