Friday, June 6, 2008

Little Gym Graduation

Megan graduated from gymnastics class! I was really surprised she walked up in front of her classmates and their families to receive her medal but SHE DID!! Not only that, she took a few moments to "ham it up" and wave as people clapped. It was so stinkin' cute.........

Class photo.....Megan began feeling less than cooperative and started crying. I guess all the excitement just caught up with her. Check out her little friend Anna next to her. She was looking at Megan like, "What in the world is your problem?"

Megan giving a final little hug to her teacher "Miss Megan." Miss Megan gave out stamps at the end of every class by the door. Our little Megan had to get one on each hand and one on each foot. Several weeks ago, Miss Megan was giving out star stamps. John said to her, "Oh, Megan was really looking forward to a monkey stamp." ha, ha......seriously. Miss Megan had to get up off the floor and go get Maggie Moo the monkey stamp. She was probably thinking, "Man, are you crazy? They are paying me about 7 bucks an hour here. Buy your own monkey stamp."
After the ceremony, which Nana attended, we all went out to grab some dinner. Megan proudly wore her medal.
Am I terrible because I am jumping for joy that gymnastics is finally over?

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