Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fairy Princess Tea Party

Happy Birthday, my sweet girl! Two years ago, you came into my world and brightened my life. I love you and thank God every day for the love and happiness you bring.

To celebrate the special day, we reserved the Fairy Princess Room at the Whitaker House in Powell. (The Fairy Princess Room is located in a gorgeous old Victorian mansion. It has dress-up clothes, including fairy wings and magic wands, for little girls.) We invited my friend Andrea and her daughter Anna to join us for some girly fun.

We sipped tea and enjoyed a fancy lunch in our enchanted surroundings. The girls loved dressing up. While sitting at the table, the two girls looked at each other and started giggling. They took turns laughing hysterically at absolutely nothing. It was heartwarming to see them so happy.

The two girls love spending time together. I'm so glad Megan has a little friend so close in age.
Is it just me or does this hat make me look like a farmer instead of a fairy princess??? ha, ha
After lunch, we went to the Pink Moon Cupcake Bakery for dessert. Both girls had the princess cupcake. Actually, we ORDERED the princess cupcake but Megan knocked it on the floor while I was busy trying to take pictures. I gave her my vanilla cupcake and she didn't seem to mind. What delicious cupcakes! If you happen to be in Powell, Ohio don't miss the Pink Moon. So yummy!

I brought a few cupcakes home for dessert tonight. We'll eat dinner as a family and share our treats with Daddy. What a happy day!

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