Sunday, December 2, 2007

Wildlights at the Zoo - 11/30/07

John's company had another event for the employees and their families. This time it was at the zoo, which was decorated with millions of lights for Christmas. It really was quite a beautiful display, even if it was freezing cold outside! John's company took care of everyone's admission to the zoo and provided a banquet room where everyone could warm up and eat snacks. They even gave out insulated mugs of hot chocolate to sip while walking around the zoo.

We bundled Megan up like a little eskimo. We ended up taking off the snowpants when we realized she couldn't bend at the waist, which was a requirement for sitting upright in the wagon. (Perhaps it was overkill to put her in two pairs of regular pants with snowpants on top. I was worried she would get cold.) Luckily we brought along a blanket to keep her legs warm! I should have thought to make sure my husband dressed for the weather. There he was, pulling the wagon with no gloves! The poor guy's hands must have been freezing but he insisted on pulling his little girl around the zoo like a proud papa.

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Ruth Dunkman said...

Cute! Can't wait to see you, John and Megan! Love, Ruth