Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sesame Street Live - 11/24/07

We took Megan to see Sesame Street Live!!!! We were afraid she might be too young to really enjoy it. I had horrible visions of a tantruming (is that even a word?) toddler in the dark at a giant arena . . . yikes. My mom and Nana were going with Katie, Justin, and Colin and I really didn't want to be left out. I was really wrong........Megan absolutely loved it! She sat on our laps for some of the show, then moved to the floor where she could dance to the music. She clapped her hands and didn't take her eyes off the show for a second (except to look for crackers in her diaper bag - she calls them crack-crack.) Posing for a quick picture.

Having a great time watching the show from Daddy's lap.

Playing around with the balloon Nana bought. (Seriously, only a great-grandma would pay $8.50 for a BALLOON!!!!! I feel like we should send a thank you note or something.)

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