Friday, November 16, 2007

Beauty and Brains!

Here is a picture I took yesterday of our little fashionista in the jeans I made for her. She was a hit at the library for story time. All the moms just had to know WHERE I got the adorable jeans. Maybe I should sell them on ebay! ha

Megan and I were in the computer room a few days ago and she was looking at her picture on my screen saver. For the first time ever... when I asked, "Where's Megan?" she pointed to the picture instead of pointing to herself! Wow! Then yesterday, I was taking pictures of her and she ran over to look at the image on the camera after I took the picture. It was as if she thought to herself, "I can do better than that!" She ran back over to the fireplace and gave me the cutest little grin and actually POSED for the picture. Then she immediately ran over to see it. Satisfied, I presume, she ran off to find something to climb. She has really learned a lot lately and has been coming up with new tricks every day.

It reminds me of a time about 6 months ago. Katie and Justin were at my parents' house showing off Colin's skills for everyone. They would say, "Colin, what does a cow say?" When he said "MOO" everyone rejoiced like he had just ridden a unicycle or something. John and I felt a little inadequate since, at the time, Megan just sat there silently eating with no tricks to show off. John quickly devised a clever plan to get Megan some accolades. He said, "Megan, what does a snail say?" .........insert long silent pause here ................ "Yea everyone, Megan knows what a snail says." My mom seemed confused and said, "John, a snail doesn't say anything," realizing what she was saying mid-sentence. Ha, ha, ha, ha..........our kid can do tricks too!

Only now she REALLY can do tricks! I thought I would list some of them for you. I'm probably going to miss a few, but here are the highlights............

Words She Can Say:

momma, dadda, dog, cat, duck, baba, TRACTOR (seriously), cookie, up, down, yes, no, help, ouch, ball, banana, mine, tickle

Completely Embarrassing but Hysterical Things She Does:

*Tries to run away from me in public and when I grab her, she yells "OUCH and HELP"

*Passes gas (LOUDLY) but only at the library; no one would ever guess a baby would make a sound like that so I'm sure I get the blame.....thanks Megan

Objects She Can Identify in Books:

firetruck, bus, tractor, wheels, cow, sheep, dog, cat, book, ball, slide, bug, caterpillar, butterfly, bubbles, flag, boy, girl, fork, spoon, cup

Physical Tricks She Can Do:

clap hands, snap fingers, tap toes

Can Point To Her:

head, belly button, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, hair, elbow, toes, foot, fingers

Other Cool, Brilliant Stuff She Does:

*Plays mommy with her doll, wheels her around in a doll stroller, and feeds her a pretend bottle

*Kisses and hugs her stuffed animals (us too!)

*Twirls around in a circle when she is dancing; sometimes she gets dizzy and falls over

*Begins dancing and swaying whenever she hears music. One day when we were getting ice cream , a car drove by playing loud music and Megan started dancing right there on the sidewalk. A lady pointed and said, "Look at that baby dancing. How cute!"

*Calls tangerines "ball" and asks for one every time I open the refrigerator

*Follows verbal directions like "clean up your toys, put this in the garbage, put your shoes away" unless she is feeling particularly DEFIANT and refuses.........we're working on that

*Pretends to cook with her own pot and wooden spoon while Mommy is making dinner

*Can wash herself in the tub (we catch the places she misses)

*She opens up her books and act out the story without anyone reading it to her (In one of her books, the words say "I love your top side, I love your bottom side. I love your inside. I love your outside........" When she picks up this book, she starts patting herself on the head and then on the butt.........We have read it to her a million times and now she knows what the words say even if we are not reading it aloud. It is the cutest thing I've ever seen. There is even a part that says, "I love your giggles" and she says, "tickle, tickle, tickle." Beauty......and BRAINS!

*Climbed up on the couch dragging her blanket, book, and sippy cup. Once she had all three and herself on the couch, she pulled the blanket up over her legs and started reading like an adult. Cute!


Anonymous said...

How lucky Megan is to have such attentive and loving parents, Lisa. I can really understand when people say to spend a lot of time with babies because they are so much closer to God (they have come fresh from His presence). I am so happy you can fully enjoy this miraculous time in Megan's life! Love, Ruth

Mary said...

I can't believe she is getting so big and I haven't even MET her yet. Hope you can make it in Feb.!

The Canterbury Family said...

She calls her aunt Katie at work just to say "hhhhhhiiiii"

(but she includes a heavy breath and a high pitched i)