Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Tale of Two Turkeys

This year we spent Thanksgiving at the cabin in NY.

It took a serious amount of turkey to feed this clan . . .

It was really special to celebrate with the "old timers" - my great uncle Frank and my
grandfather. I would include my nana here too but I am certain she wouldn't appreciate being called an "old timer." I almost choked on my turkey during a certain conversation with my great uncle Frank. It kinda went like this . . .
Me: I didn't know you were sick.
Him: Yeah, I have cancer a foot up my dupa!
I hope you don't need me to translate what he meant by "dupa." Ahh, I guess you can say things when you are in your 90s that you just can't get away with saying any other time. I still laugh when I think of the awkward silence after he said that . . . . kinda like, did he just say what I think he said????

I love my family!

That news didn't seem to disturb anyone's appetites, however.

This was John's dessert plate.

My mom makes seriously good pie . . .

although I'm not sure good pie excuses the ridiculousness of this.

We spent the next couple couple days playing some cut throat games of Carcassonne
and enjoying each other's company.

We were also on pins and needles, hoping one of the kids wouldn't give away the real reason we all went up to the cabin . . .

to celebrate my grandfather's 85th birthday with a surprise party in Buffalo with all his nearest and dearest. Tune in soon for that tale.

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