Sunday, December 11, 2011

I'll Want To Remember This Someday

Once the thrill of the election was over, my next step was being sworn in. My kids came to city hall and acted like they owned the place.

Brendan wasted no time at all climbing into the mayor's chair.

Megan settled for my chair!

Not shown:

Brendan throwing a tantrum THIS BIG while I took my oath of office. Seriously, people are still talking about it. Imagine John wrestling with a screaming Brendan, me so stressed I raised my left hand instead of my right, and Megan stepping in to hold the Bible because John's hands were FULL. Good times! That is what they get for scheduling my oath of office at bedtime.

Cutest moment of the night: Megan asking me if they were going to have crafts for the kids.

Hmmm, maybe something we should consider in the future!

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Ruth Dunkman said...

Love the photo of Brendan in the mayor's chair. We have a picture of one-year-old Andrew sitting on Bob's lap at a computer monitor, and he loves it now that he is a web developer. Maybe Brendan will follow in his Mom's footprints and go into politics? Love you!