Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bull in a China Shop

Every year we get together with John's side of the family for a holiday get together and gift exchange before Christmas. This year, the extravaganza was at Laura's house. I'm pretty disappointed I don't have more pictures to show you. Instead of taking pictures, I was chasing Brendan around and saying things like . . .

Brendan, put that ornament back on the tree.
Brendan! *oh my gosh* That wasn't sentimental or anything, was it?
I promise I'll buy you a new one.
Brendan, stop pulling all the books off the shelves.
Brendan, stop chewing your food and spitting it out on the *new* carpet.
Brendan, that bottle of beer is not yours.

You get the idea.
If Laura's house was the china shop, our dear Brendan was certainly the bull.

Brendan did spend some of his time (.93873740283475 of a second) relaxing with Grandpa,

posing for a photo with Megan

and conning Aunt Kathy into sharing her water.
Heck, it is better than the beer he had tried to swipe earlier!
Ho, ho, ho.

Next year, I'm offering to host the K family extravaganza.
Brendan has already broken everything here :)


Ruth Dunkman said...

Looks like fun! Sorry we missed it!! Love you, Ruth

Missy said...

I have been there and done that so many times. Now, I just leave a blank check for the damages!
He is TOO CUTE!!!!!
Love the cheeks!

Happy New Year!