Friday, October 8, 2010

First Day of Pre-K

Megan started Pre-Kindergarten after working very hard last year to make it through the rigorous Preschool curriculum, with honors! (Ha, just kidding about the "with honors" part . . . but if they had honors in preschool I'm sure my sweet Megan Kate would have received them.)
Here she is with her cousin Colin who is in her class again this year.

There they both go running ahead, excited to start another school year.

Another school year begins and the most boring blog post ever concludes!


Missy said...

She is beautiful and brilliant too! I can see it!

Ruth Dunkman said...

Thanks for sharing this big day with the precious photos!

Jim said...

How cute, and that's not the most boring blog ever. There was, uh, let's see...OK, you're right. But she is still cute as can be. Good work Mom.

Jim K.

Dawn (Bee and Rose) said...

So cute! It totally made me miss Ohio and the school days there!

(huge Halloween giveaway on my blog!)

Debbie said...

I could look at those pictures over and over again. Not only is she brillant, but she is so sweet, compassionate and a very loveable little girl. I loved it when she was watching a movie with Colin and Colin swatted her. Colin was sent to time out and Megan paused the movie, so he wouldn't miss any of it! You read it right, Colin swatted her!!!!