Monday, September 27, 2010

Cake Baking Fool

I've been a cake baking fool lately.
Since I feel like a lost puppy without a cake to make, I've decided to turn this into a little business. After tossing around several ideas in my head, I've finally decided to call myself Sugar Kisses Cakery - Baking life sweeter, one cake at a time. It reminds me of the sugary kisses I get from Megan when she licks the beaters and helps me "cake bake." My orders have come mostly from word of mouth or friends. I'm working on getting a basic website together with my computer genius husband and I'll let you know when that is up and running. For now, you'll just have to settle for this little old blog that doesn't get updated enough.

I made this cake for John's sister Laura's wedding. It was white almond cake with raspberry filling, iced in vanilla buttercream. You can't really see in the picture but at each intersecting line, there was an edible pearl dragee. The bow and the monogram were made from fondant. The monogram plaque was outlined in teeny tiny pearls and was my favorite part of the cake. This is the largest cake I've made so far . . . 200 servings. The florist brought the wrong flowers (they were supposed to be the same gorgeous ones from her bouquet) but that's ok. I think this cake would have looked pretty with dandelions on it, but I guess when you spend 84237598470 hours working on something . . . you better like it!!!!!! I was really proud of this cake, especially since it was only my second wedding cake AND I managed to get it to the reception 1.5 hours away without it crumbling, tipping over, or falling apart. I shed a few tears of relief when she was placed safely on the table at the reception, and then a few more when we had to cut her up and eat her.
I made this cake for my nephew Carter's first birthday party. It was almond cake with raspberry filling and fresh lemon cake with raspberry filling, iced in vanilla buttercream. I sculpted the animals from fondant to match his safari themed birthday party.

I made this cake for a sweet little customer's baptism. It was almond cake with raspberry filling (popular combination).

This one was for a little girl's third birthday party. The bow and the number three were purple but for some reason the pic makes them look blue.

I also have another little business venture to tell you about. I've decided to host a cake workshop at the cabin in the woods (but we're calling it the "cake cottage" because we're fancy like that.) Read all about it here. I only have a few spaces left and I'm really surprised at the interest in this. If you want to learn how to "cake bake" come join us :) We are going to have an absolute blast filled with all kinds of some stay-at-home-momma drama.


Missy said...

OH.EM.GEE. That wedding cake is beautiful! You have an awesome talent! I want to get married again just to get that cake! LOL

Bill said...

"Let them eat cake"!! This French saying was reported to have been said by a beautiful young princess upon learning that the peasants ate only bread. (Look it up on Google).

Lisa, you are truly amazing. Laura's wedding cake is spectacular! As are all the cakes you make. My favorite is raspberry filling. And I love lemon. Too bad we don't live close to you.

I hope you and Saint John, and Megan and Brendan are enjoying good health and are happy.

Be good and God Bless You.
Uncle Bill & Aunt Sue

PS The Cake Business is a GREAT idea!!

Our Family said...

Oh that wedding cake is just lovely...where did you learn to make cakes like that??

Bobbi said...

I LOVE LOVE your cakes!!!! They are perfect! I was wondering what tool you use to get the square quilted affect?