Thursday, May 13, 2010

Almost as Cool as the Swiss Alps

We took a little trip to Chicago back in April.
Since it seems I have very little time to blog these days, I figured I'd give you the abbreviated version. Hey, better than nothing right?

First, we visited the John Hancock Observatory.
96 stories to be exact.

We had a nice dinner (too busy eating to take photos).
We didn't even have to chop it up in little pieces for anyone. Amazing!
Then we went back up in the Hancock Observatory to see what it looked like after dark.

'Cause when you spend that much money on drinks, you take pictures of them!

And now I have to tell you a little story about one of the most romantic moments of my life. I was sitting next to my husband (whom I haven't had a real conversation with in approximately 8 months) on the 96th floor of the Hancock Observatory. Seeing the city lights below was awe-inspiring and one of the most amazing views I have ever seen. It was one of those views that makes you realize how small you really are compared to the giant world around you. I squeezed John's hand and said, "Is this just incredible to you????? Probably not, huh, since you've been so many different places. You've been to Japan, all over Europe, seen the Swiss Alps, etc. This is probably nothing compared to those places." Then he looked back at me and said, "Yeah, but YOU weren't there with me when I saw those places." *melting heart* Then he corrected me and said he hadn't ever seen the Swiss Alps :) Ha!

*Stay tuned for more of our Chicago adventures . . . visiting with Ruth, eating deep dish Chicago pizza, seeing the Shedd Aquarium . . .


Ruth Dunkman said...

Lisa, you have a real gift as a storyteller! This is probably going to sound dumb, but one of the times I felt most loved by Bob was when I was nearing the time for my back surgery in 1998 and I was very limited in my ability to move around. For a couple of months, Bob put my socks and shoes on me every day, and I don't think he once complained. I knew I could count on him and that when he said "for better or for worse," he meant it. Love you!

Missy said...

LOVE the photos! What a great trip! So glad you had a great time!