Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Little Man

I'm so sorry I've been neglecting this blog.
I've been busy snuggling,
sharing a nuzzle or two,
and memorizing every detail of this adorable face.

I hope you understand.

P.S. Thank you Katie for taking these adorable pictures.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Brendan Christopher!

Brendan Christopher
joined our family on August 18, 2009 via a planned c-section.
(And an unplanned visit to labor and delivery the day before with strong contractions.)
He weighed 9 pounds 2 ounces and was 21.5 inches long.
When they lifted him from my belly, it felt like they were removing a bowling ball.
I could instantly take a deep breath for the first time in months!
(Except I think I waited to breathe until I heard he was healthy and happy.)

The wait in the recovery room seemed to take forever.
I couldn't wait to get him into my arms to snuggle and kiss him.

Megan was excited to meet her new baby brother.

She kept saying, "Awww. He's so cute. Look, he has a nose. Eyes. Ears."

And John was a proud papa too.

Welcome to our family baby boy.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


This is Katie, Lisa's sister.
I just spent the day at the hospital welcoming my new nephew. Lisa asked me to share the good news!
Brendan Christopher came into the world a little after 11 this morning. He weighed a whopping 9lbs 2oz and was 21.5 inches long.
He is beautiful. Trust me. I will let Lisa post the bazillion pictures we took today. But really, he is just adorable.
Lisa did a GREAT job. She still had her hair done and make-up on after surgery. I hope my c-section goes the exact same way :)
John and Lisa - CONGRATS! You made another beautiful baby... I love Brendan to pieces already and can't wait to stalk your hospital room tomorrow :) (I'm warning you).

Saturday, August 15, 2009


No baby yet!
Some seriously strong contractions have had me worried a few times.
Two more days! Oh my!

Friday, August 14, 2009

You'll Find Me Hanging Upside Down

My final prenatal appointment was yesterday.

Since Downstairs Doc was on vacation, I got the pleasure of meeting Brand New Doc.

By the way, it is always kinda awkward to meet someone for the first time when you're undressed from the waist down and only covered by a *too small* paper blanket (that you ripped trying to stretch it around your ginormous waistline.) What do you say when "nice to meet you" just doesn't seem to fit?????

By the way, Brand New Doc looks younger than me. He's also kinda easy on the eyes if you know what I mean. (I'd really exaggerate this and tell you he's drop dead gorgeous if my husband wasn't going to read this post - just so you know.) Totally against my requirement that my o.b. is pudgy, old, and completely non-threatening. Seriously, who wants a cute o.b??????? A cute, young o.b?????? Completely unacceptable. Completely. Like living a nightmare.
Anyway, he told me he wouldn't be surprised if I went into labor this weekend based upon his examination. Since Downstairs Doc won't be back until Monday morning, I'm really hoping that doesn't happen. I'll be laying flat on my back all weekend, hanging upside-down if necessary.

Hurry up, Downstairs Doc. I miss your non-threatening, pudgy, old man of a self. Brand New Doc is kinda freakin' me out.
Cross your fingers for me.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Proof that I will do anything for a little praise.
Colin's Shark Attack Cake: Completed at nine months pregnant, 10 days before delivery.
Sea creatures, scuba divers, etc. all hand sculpted from marshmallow fondant and edible. (Just ask Megan.)
Lisa, ole girl, I didn't know you had it in ya.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Shark Week

Do you know it is Shark Week on the Discovery Channel?????

It is also Shark Week at my house.

I'm busy making my nephew Colin's birthday cake. Colin is obsessed with sharks. (understatement) He requested a shark cake this year. GREAT WHITE SHARKS ONLY, please. No hammerheads, bull, or tiger sharks. Yes sir!

I debated not doing his cake this year since my belly is so big it is difficult for me to get close enough to the counter to even use a mixer.

Then I said to Colin, "Are you excited about Aunt Lisa making you a cake for your birthday?"

His reply . . .
"When I see it, I'm gonna FLIP OUT!"

That was all the motivation I needed!
Now just cross your fingers for me that my body holds out and
doesn't go into labor until this cake is done!

I'll post pictures of my Under the Sea/Shark Attack cake soon . . .

Monday, August 3, 2009

Peer Pressure, Three-year-old style

It all began when Megan's little friend Anna got her ears pierced.
Instantly, having unpierced ears was totally "uncool." (in the world according to Megan)
Hmmmmmm . . . what is the proper parental decision???????

Option 1 - Ask her if Anna Cox jumped off the Brooklyn bridge, would she?????
Nah. Megan's never been to Brooklyn and wouldn't know what I was taking about.

Option 2 - Try to scare her out of the idea by telling her how badly it will hurt.
Great idea!
Too bad it was unsuccessful.
I guess my three-year-old would rather be in pain than "uncool."
I really didn't expect peer pressure to be this intense at three!
I really hope Anna Cox doesn't get a tattoo next. Then we'll really be in trouble.

Option 3 - Just cave in (after days of begging) and agree to take her.
O.K. Sounds like a plan.
(I hope you're not reading this blog for parenting advice.)

So, we were off to the mall . . .
Aunt Katie and Nana to joined us for moral support.
She was so excited! She hopped right up in the chair and was beaming from ear to ear.
My heart was breaking because I knew she had no idea what was coming, despite my dire warnings of pain and gore.

One last photo of her naked ears.


Providing comfort

She only cried for about a minute until she looked in the mirror and saw her adorable pink crystal flower earrings. (I think I cried longer than she did.)

Lesson I could have learned about three-year-old peer pressure . . .
Step up and be the parent. Make a decision and stick to it. Say no. Teach your children how to avoid the temptations of peer pressure and live their own lives.

Like I said, I hope you haven't turned to me for parenting advice.

If I were being graded, here's how it would go . . .
Teaching lessons about resisting peer pressure - F
Looking totally adorable in pink crystal flower earrings - A++