Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Shark Week

Do you know it is Shark Week on the Discovery Channel?????

It is also Shark Week at my house.

I'm busy making my nephew Colin's birthday cake. Colin is obsessed with sharks. (understatement) He requested a shark cake this year. GREAT WHITE SHARKS ONLY, please. No hammerheads, bull, or tiger sharks. Yes sir!

I debated not doing his cake this year since my belly is so big it is difficult for me to get close enough to the counter to even use a mixer.

Then I said to Colin, "Are you excited about Aunt Lisa making you a cake for your birthday?"

His reply . . .
"When I see it, I'm gonna FLIP OUT!"

That was all the motivation I needed!
Now just cross your fingers for me that my body holds out and
doesn't go into labor until this cake is done!

I'll post pictures of my Under the Sea/Shark Attack cake soon . . .


OhioFamOf4 said...

Xander is all about sharks right now, too. In fact, if Kate can't find any shark books at the library, it's because they've all been at my house.

Kate said...

hahaha.. Heather, we have 5 checked out right now :) We just took some back!!!

Lisa - you are a FABULOUS aunt. He is a lucky, lucky boy and your biggest fan. He will LOVE any cake you make him...... and I love you for being so good to my little guy :)

The High Family said...

I watched an episode last night and was scared to death for host because a shark came out of no where and attacked his inflatable boat! YIKES!!!!!!!!!!

Can't wait to see pics...your cakes always come out awesome!

I am kinda bummed because I don't think I will get to see pics of the baby right away! We celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary in a few weeks (8.21) and are leaving for the Finger Lakes early on 8.20 and then we are headed to the Poconos to my inlaws cabin for another week!!! And (gasp) NO INTERNET. What the heck am I to do? Oh that's right...finsh the 5the Harry Potter book that I've been working on for the past 3 years already! ;)

If I don't get on here to give more comment love between now and end of August...please know...I wish you TONS of luck and a quick/easy delivery of your new precious baby boy! Can't wait to see pictures!! Sending tons of hugs and love from PA!