Friday, August 14, 2009

You'll Find Me Hanging Upside Down

My final prenatal appointment was yesterday.

Since Downstairs Doc was on vacation, I got the pleasure of meeting Brand New Doc.

By the way, it is always kinda awkward to meet someone for the first time when you're undressed from the waist down and only covered by a *too small* paper blanket (that you ripped trying to stretch it around your ginormous waistline.) What do you say when "nice to meet you" just doesn't seem to fit?????

By the way, Brand New Doc looks younger than me. He's also kinda easy on the eyes if you know what I mean. (I'd really exaggerate this and tell you he's drop dead gorgeous if my husband wasn't going to read this post - just so you know.) Totally against my requirement that my o.b. is pudgy, old, and completely non-threatening. Seriously, who wants a cute o.b??????? A cute, young o.b?????? Completely unacceptable. Completely. Like living a nightmare.
Anyway, he told me he wouldn't be surprised if I went into labor this weekend based upon his examination. Since Downstairs Doc won't be back until Monday morning, I'm really hoping that doesn't happen. I'll be laying flat on my back all weekend, hanging upside-down if necessary.

Hurry up, Downstairs Doc. I miss your non-threatening, pudgy, old man of a self. Brand New Doc is kinda freakin' me out.
Cross your fingers for me.


Mary said...

That is soooo exciting! Sorry about the super hot doc, though. :) I hope you make it to Monday!

Amy said...

Hahaha - I just stumbled on your post from another site and TOTALLY agree on hot doctors! That's a rough one. My OB for my second birth was really hot, but totally gay, so not threatening at all. :-)

Good luck on keeping baby in for Downstairs Doc!

The High Family said...

Ok, that is too crazy. Same thing happened to me when I had my son. Brand New Doc...drop dead final exam before induction. Just not right.

Hope everything goes well on Monday! Can't wait to see the new little guy!

Laura Shivers said...

I TOTALLY AGREE! I "had" to deliver #3 with a gorgeous doc, and BOY was it embarrassing!!! But in retrospect, ain't NO keepin that baby inside once he has decided to "pop out"

So please don't let me hear you really WERE hanging upside down!!! Besides all things considered, you are a HOT chick anyway!!!!!! So cut the dude a break!! :)