Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another post about boo boos

OK - this will be my last post about "boo boos" for a while.

While this particular body part may be the subject of much fascination right now at my house, I'm sure you could probably care less about my bosom.

So, like I said, Megan is fascinated with my boos boos lately. With wide eyes, she tells me how big they are and asks me why hers are little. Sometimes she picks up her shirt and looks down to compare hers to mine. I tell her when she gets older her boos boos will get bigger too.

Today she was inquisitively watching me nurse. She looked at me and most sincerely said,

"Mommy, when my boo boos get big I'll help
you feed the baby. OK?"

Isn't she sweet?
How can I NOT blog that, folks????


Ruth Dunkman said...

It's awesome that Megan is learning what "boo boos" for really for. When Andrew was a baby, the teacher at David's Montessori preschool asked me to come in for circle time and nurse Andrew. She said that many kids thought babies drank milk from a bottle, and she wanted them to see the natural way of feeding babies.

Sondra! said...

That is too sweet. Don't you wish she could help? Your son is gorgeous! Congrats.

Disordinedeimedici said...

hi from italy