Saturday, March 22, 2008

'Twas the Night Before Easter

First we had to visit with the Easter Bunny. Wonder why she wasn't smiling? She just heard the lady tell daddy it cost $19.95 for a picture. She's looking at the camera thinking, "This is truly ridiculous, mom and dad. I can tell you're first-timers at this parent thing."
Did I mention we waited in line for almost an hour?

Next, we were off to GG's for some festivities. This is her special "egg decorating" outfit, complete with a matching purse to carry her eggs home.

Here is Megan coloring on her egg in her "special outfit," which was carefully chosen to match adorable scrapbook paper I found. About thirty seconds into the egg dying process, Megan pulled an entire cup of egg dye onto this outfit, thereby thwarting my plans for a perfectly coordinated scrapbook page. That's what I get for putting my child in a brand new outfit to dye eggs!

The grandkids, minus Megan (who was getting cleaned up after the "egg dye debacle.") By the time Megan was cleaned up, there were no eggs left to color! I think Brianna had about 6 eggs going at once.

Cutie pie Colin, having a great time coloring eggs too. Notice his undershirt? He had a similar problem with egg dye, and his clothes were in the washer next to Megan's.

Bunny Cake

The "bunny cake" is another special tradition. After we cleaned up the egg mess, the grandkids worked together to decorate the cake, which we will eat for dessert after Easter dinner. This year, Megan's job was to place the nose on the bunny.
Megan threw the nose at the bunny and it landed PERFECTLY! Bravo!

The finished product (minus the mouth, which we will add tomorrow with the icing we forgot to bring to GG's house.)

Having some fun with mommy! We can't wait for the Easter Bunny to visit tonight.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Maggie Moo Hears a Who!

A person's a person, no matter how small!

-Dr. Seuss

Horton Hears a Who . . . what a fantastic movie! It was Megan's first time at the movie theatre and she behaved wonderfully. The giant screen was a little scary for her at first but she ended up really enjoying the experience. The animation was incredible! I really loved the story itself....Horton was so lovable, selfless, and brave. The movie contained so many life lessons and the potential to spark really interesting conversations. (In the car on the way home, John was like, "Uh, want me to have a DEEP conversation about a children's movie? Yep, I do actually. I think the movie is really a (social and) political commentary. It was written during the McCarthy era. Doesn't anyone want to talk to me about this???) I remember reading the book as a child but I don't remember finding the story as fascinating as I did tonight. I found myself wondering........if I were a character from the movie, which one would I be most like? Interesting thought to ponder...............everyone in the world should be a little more like Horton!

One of the only people actually taking pictures at the movie theatre!
First time at a theatre? Yep!

Megan wasn't heavy enough to hold the seat down and
it kept folding up on her.

Megan seriously loved the popcorn! She's busy eating while we're keeping her seat from swallowing her up.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


It is Megan's first March! The snow started Friday morning and hasn't seemed to stop. Our county is under a Level 3 driving ban, which means travel on the roadways is prohibited by law. Since the snow in the street is near waist deep in places, I figured we wouldn't be venturing out anytime soon. We're all stocked up on the essentials......diapers, milk, and lots of new scrapbook supplies. (I went to the grocery store right as the big storm was hitting. Word to the wise - never attempt to push a race-car style grocery cart loaded with food and a plump toddler through three inches of snow across an entire parking lot. Word to the wiser - don't wait for the storm to actually arrive before you believe the doomsday forecasters and actually prepare!)
Since I've been having a tough time kicking the flu, I'm really glad for this break. John made a huge pot of vegetable soup and we're just relaxing around the house. We even took a nap while Megan napped! Too bad blizzards only hit Ohio once every twenty years or so!
John had to dig a trench through the snow to take the dog out this morning!

Having some fun in the snow! Megan loves to shovel!

The snow drifts are as deep as Megan is tall!

Megan wanted to walk around, but the snow was really too deep.

John is so excited we have a significant amount of snow. Usually, we get an inch or so and then it melts. He actually wants to go buy a snowmobile! OH MY! It does sound fun!