Saturday, March 22, 2008

'Twas the Night Before Easter

First we had to visit with the Easter Bunny. Wonder why she wasn't smiling? She just heard the lady tell daddy it cost $19.95 for a picture. She's looking at the camera thinking, "This is truly ridiculous, mom and dad. I can tell you're first-timers at this parent thing."
Did I mention we waited in line for almost an hour?

Next, we were off to GG's for some festivities. This is her special "egg decorating" outfit, complete with a matching purse to carry her eggs home.

Here is Megan coloring on her egg in her "special outfit," which was carefully chosen to match adorable scrapbook paper I found. About thirty seconds into the egg dying process, Megan pulled an entire cup of egg dye onto this outfit, thereby thwarting my plans for a perfectly coordinated scrapbook page. That's what I get for putting my child in a brand new outfit to dye eggs!

The grandkids, minus Megan (who was getting cleaned up after the "egg dye debacle.") By the time Megan was cleaned up, there were no eggs left to color! I think Brianna had about 6 eggs going at once.

Cutie pie Colin, having a great time coloring eggs too. Notice his undershirt? He had a similar problem with egg dye, and his clothes were in the washer next to Megan's.


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