Saturday, March 15, 2008

Maggie Moo Hears a Who!

A person's a person, no matter how small!

-Dr. Seuss

Horton Hears a Who . . . what a fantastic movie! It was Megan's first time at the movie theatre and she behaved wonderfully. The giant screen was a little scary for her at first but she ended up really enjoying the experience. The animation was incredible! I really loved the story itself....Horton was so lovable, selfless, and brave. The movie contained so many life lessons and the potential to spark really interesting conversations. (In the car on the way home, John was like, "Uh, want me to have a DEEP conversation about a children's movie? Yep, I do actually. I think the movie is really a (social and) political commentary. It was written during the McCarthy era. Doesn't anyone want to talk to me about this???) I remember reading the book as a child but I don't remember finding the story as fascinating as I did tonight. I found myself wondering........if I were a character from the movie, which one would I be most like? Interesting thought to ponder...............everyone in the world should be a little more like Horton!

One of the only people actually taking pictures at the movie theatre!
First time at a theatre? Yep!

Megan wasn't heavy enough to hold the seat down and
it kept folding up on her.

Megan seriously loved the popcorn! She's busy eating while we're keeping her seat from swallowing her up.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed the family night out!

FYI, many movie theatres have hard plastic booster seats for kids that solve the "the seat is eating me up" problem. But, then again, it's so nice to have a little one snuggled up against your chest...

Love, Ruth