Thursday, September 13, 2007


Megan's table manners are a little messy, to say the least. I've been wondering how to teach her to use a spoon. My friends told me to just give it to her and one day she would eventually figure it out. When that didn't happen as quickly as I thought it would, I started to get nervous my child would be at the prom shoveling food in her mouth with her hands. Yikes!

I tried to put my hand over her hand and bring the spoon to her mouth. That got yogurt all over the wall, the windows, and the dog. I think I found some in my hair later too. I tried to show her in an very animated way how much I loved spooning food in my mouth. She just gave me a strange look and continued to stuff her own food in with her hands.

Then one day, daddy sits down in front of her. He holds the bowl, gives her a spoon, and off she goes!!!! He yells to me, "Hey honey, look! She's using the spoon." I walk over, expecting to see Megan flinging yogurt all over the kitchen. Nope! My little girl was laughing with her daddy, spooning food into her mouth. Her aim was a little erratic, but she was doing it.

As I watched John and Megan together, I realized how important these moments really are. I realized I am married to one heck of a guy and an even better father. I realized our life together and the family we are building is the most important endeavor of my life. So what if he leaves his shoes all over the place. So what if I haven't seen the floor of his office since last fall. My daughter's eyes light up when he comes into the room, and mine do too.


Mary said...

Those pictures are priceless! She is too cute!

The Canterbury Family said...

Is Maggie Moo wearing a sports bib? Lead poisoning hit you hard, huh? After you threw away everything made outside of the US, you had to go buy "boy" bibs? Were they sold out of butterfly bibs? Actually its a nice change.. I like it :)