Wednesday, September 5, 2007

All tired out from a long day riding tractors and taking walks. How cute!
Megan and Mommy by the pond. I can't believe we used to swim in that when we were little. Yuck!
Our happy little family on the dock at the pond.
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Dena said...

That picture of John and Megan is so sweet!

saramomma said...

Hi Lisa,
In answer to your problem with Megan, think she is too young to understand or learn from time outs. When she climbs on the table, every time I would take her down as I say a firm NO and then immediately distract her (away from that area of the house)with something like a toy or whatever. I don't think that would be rewarding her behavior (to distract her with something she likes), but just showing her that you're not going to fight that battle. No is no. You need to keep it simple and consistent. I would distract her #1 because they are usually easily distracted at that age, and #2 because you don't want it to become a game that's fun for her...(YOU KEEP LIFTING HER OFF AND SHE LAUGHS AND CLIMBS RIGHT BACK ON AGAIN AND AGAIN). After she figures out that she's not going to get away with it and it's not giving her any payoff of being fun, she'll likely stop and move on to the next exciting move. I would avoid spanking her or yelling. You don't want her to think she can get a rise out of you because then her behavior is giving her a payoff...your attention. Show her you'll give her your attention somewhere besides the kitchen.Good luck-Sara

Laura Shivers said...

Love the great photos! Lisa, you're the best thing that ever happened to my brother John!

love, Laura