Monday, August 27, 2007

Just Venting.......

The dining room, before the makeover

After the makeover

What craftsmanship!

So you came to my blog to see adorable pictures of sweet little Megan? Not today, my friend. I'm sorry but I must complain for just a little bit. It is my blog, after all. Before I begin my tirade, I will acknowledge that this complaint is very minor compared to other "real problems" I could be experiencing. However, this blog is called my "stay-at-home mamma drama" and the events of today clearly fit.

Last month, I spent about 3 hours in JoAnn's trying to choose fabric for curtains for my dining room. By the time I had finally made my decision, Megan was crying and throwing Goldfish crackers all over the store. The saleswoman was so mean to me and wouldn't wait on me, making comments under her breath about MY BABY and the mess she made. (I picked up the whole crackers, but I couldn't get to the crushed ones. Has she ever had a baby?????) I actually had to get a manager to wait on me. I would have told them to stuff their fabric (my mom was with me and was insisting they were SOOOOOO RUDE we should leave) BUT I had spent all that time looking and I LOVED the fabric. Despite the poor customer service, I special-ordered the fabric, paid for it, and told the manager how obnoxious her saleswoman was. She didn't seem too concerned.

Then I spent several additional hours choosing a paint color. I agonized (like only I can) over the color green in the fabric. I must have looked at 50 different color greens before choosing one I felt matched the pattern in the fabric just perfectly. Then John and I got into a little tiff (it was actually a blowout) when I told him I wanted wainscot panels and paint. He said something to the effect of, "You want what????? Do I not look busy enough???? Could you have picked something less complicated???? What in the name of la-dee-da is wainscot???" (only there were a few other words mixed in there also....use your imagination) He got even more excited when I told him it had to be done in two weeks, before my Southern Living at Home party.

What a good sport that guy is................he did it (with my dad's help) and it looks great. (Mysteriously enough, however, my guide book to decorating with architectural trimwork has disappeared! And it had at least 2 more ideas in it for future projects!)

So the room was painted the perfect color green and I was waiting for my paid-in-full, special order fabric to arrive. I waited a MONTH and received a phone call this morning. It was that darling woman from JoAnn's. (Remember the one who just loved my baby......not!) She wanted to tell me that the manufacturer no longer has that particular pattern of fabric. AHHHHHHHH! I begged her to tell me it wasn't true. I painted my room to match that fabric (actually my husband painted it, and not very willingly let me tell you!) Wait.......there's more.......when I told her I would be in the store today, expecting my full refund, she told me of JoAnn's policy to not refund money paid for shipping. Hmmmm, so interesting........WHAT IN THE WORLD DID THEY SHIP?????? When I regained my composure, I went to the store and ended up getting a full refund. (I made sure to bring my darling little girl and plenty of goldfish crackers.)

I probably should have felt badly when Megan grabbed my full bottle of Kool-Aid and threw it on the ground, spewing red liquid all over the floor. I probably should have felt badly when that "nice" lady had to bend over and wipe it up. (I did offer.....I'm not that bad.) I probably should have felt badly when Megan left a trail of goldfish crackers all the way to the car.............

There are two possible lessons to be learned from all this.........

1. Don't buy fabric from the mean lady at JoAnn's, even if it is cute and 50% off.

2. Don't take RED Kool-Aid into to the fabric store. ha, ha

I prefer #1. A little red Kool-Aid never hurt anyone, right Megan? Gosh, I love that kid.

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Laura said...

You're so funny! Was Megan strapped in the stroller? Because I am thinking she would have been running all over the place otherwise...? I was always freaking when my kids were with me at the fabric store, because at least one was out of view at any given time. Part of the reason I stopped sewing(that and they didn't particularly like any of the cute things I made.) :(

I will sign up for Google soon - too tired tonight - Laura your sissy! :)