Sunday, August 26, 2007

I'm Staking My Claim

My cousin Mary just announced she is pregnant with a little girl. I am so, so excited for her! They are planning to name her Ava. Adorable, right? The only problem is that Mary, along with my cousin Sara, share in my excellent taste for baby names. If I fail to stake my claim soon, there will not be any cute names left for my future offspring. I'm taking this as my wake up call. I am publishing my official "list." From this point forward, the names on this list are unavailable for any children born to: any member of my immediate family (yes, Kate, that includes you), my first, second, and third cousins, bowling buddies of my third cousins, my sister's neighbors and friends, my friends, my friends' friends, my current and future neighbors (including Dena) and any other woman of childbearing age......and even those that are not. Please don't be offended if I didn't include you. I meant to!

The following names are in no particular order:

Potential girl names: Avery, Olivia, Caroline, Camden, Jenna, Sophie, Sydney, Charlotte, Addison, Bailey, Camryn (my personal favorite)

Potential boy names: Joshua, Alexander, Cayden, Jackson, Luke, Nathan, Noah (my personal favorite)

No, I'm not pregnant. I'm just thinking ahead. I reserve the right to amend this list at any time, and for any reason.

If you know anyone pregnant or considering adding a child to their family, please refer them to my list and tell them it is M-I-N-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mary said...

Are you planning on staking claims on middle names, too? ;) Don't worry, I think we've decided on Ava Elizabeth...but don't quote me. Did I tell you Emma's middle name is Charlotte?
I LOVE your list....muahahahahaha.

Princess Kate said...

Dearest Lisa, We've had this conversation many, many times. CAMRYN is my name.. along w/ Alexander. John hated the name Camryn so you can't use it anyway! Remember, Colin and Camryn and you thought it was cute... You can take Alexander... I'm over it. Anyway don't think about taking my names: Mia, Carter (actually please take it.... Justin wouldn't get his name) hahahaha

Dena said...

sigh...P.S. I forgot to mention that the day you posted that we were talking in your "fancy lexus" and as I recall when you told me about this you said Ava and I missheard you and thought you said Olivia and I said that I love the name Olivia! Then you said you didn't like it because of a reason I will not post on here...but you said Olivia is MY NAME!! ...of course Dustin hates it....but thats of no important matter!!! hehehe