Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Small Farmers

Every day when I drop Megan off at school,
Brendan cries because he want to go to school too.
Imagine my delight when I came across a little class for
kids age 2-5 at the ecological center called
"Small Farmers."
Today was Brendan's first day of "school."
He was so excited!!!
(Although any opportunity to wear his rubber Elmo boots
equals a fantastic day in his book.)
He kept stopping and yelling in his deep voice,
"Momma, take a picture of me!"
The first thing he did was flash a cheesy grin with the baby chicks!
Then we moved on to the chickens.

That is me feeding a chicken.
Not pictured: copious amounts of hand sanitizer; multiple applications :)
Brendan kept trying to get a chicken to eat out of his hands
but he wasn't quite gentle enough.
He was chasing them around yelling
"Here chicken!"
but they just ran away!
Then we went inside the chicken coop to gather eggs.

We saw some farm animals and pet a baby
sheep named Francisco.
Then we dug a little hole
and planted a potato!
Then we watered our potato.
We'll check on our potato at the
next class and eventually harvest
it in the fall. How cool is that?
Next on the agenda was filling our basket with
greens from the greenhouse.
Notice the empty basket :(
Brendan was so hungry he ate everything
before it could end up in the basket.
Romaine Lettuce

Luckily other kids shared their greens
and we all made a salad.
We ate lunch together and Brendan
read a book on herb gardening.
And then Brendan fell asleep in the car on the way home.
We loved farm school!!!!!
During the next class we will learn how to milk a goat!
I am seriously in love with farm school.
(I think Brendan may have enjoyed it too :)

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