Monday, May 2, 2011

No Excuse

I have no excuse for where I've been for all these months. I've missed you and I hope you've missed me too. How about a little update on what we've all been up to?

Megan is in her second year of preschool and is loving it. She excels at cutting, coloring, and drawing but drawing is really her specialty. A while back she drew a gorgeous mural on the top of my kitchen table with a Sharpie marker. She is a true artist! Once preschool ends in a few weeks, she is excited to attend Safety Town (week long stranger-danger, fire safety, etc. class given by the city), vacation Bible school, and a week long art camp (where she'll hopefully learn the appropriate place for displaying her artistic talents.) Megan loves princesses and even woke up early in the morning to watch the royal wedding. She is about to turn 5 in June and is currently deciding between a ladybug party and a cake decorating party. She wants to be a cake baker and a mommy when she grows up. Megan is SWEET and loves to help her little brother.

Brendan is a rough and tumble boy that my dad has nicknamed Bam Bam. He is 21 months old but wears a size 3t or sometimes 4t. He is strong as an ox and is obviously really big for his age. He loves to be the center of attention. Last week when we were taking Megan to preschool, he noticed a boy who accidentally slipped on the floor got all the moms to gather around him. Brendan then proceeded to fake fall over and over and over and over, looking up and wondering why the crowd wasn't gathering around him.) He can repeat just about any word you say to him and has even starting putting two words together. His standard response to any question is, "NO!" His skills include hopping on both feet, scaling objects 3 times his size with ease, counting to 3, eating us out of house and home, knowing the sounds a cow, monkey, lion, duck, and dog make, and identifying his hair, eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. He is terrified of the cartoon Peppa Pig and runs away crying whenever he sees it on TV. We haven't been able figure out why but I'm guessing it has something to do with two eyes on one side of the snout-thing. Ahhhhhhhhhhh! So scary!

John is working at an amazing company and loves what he is doing there. In his spare time, he is growing lots of food in the garden. He honestly is the best dad I've ever seen and spends so much time playing on the floor with the kids, taking them to the zoo, etc.

I am still on city council and I've recently gotten my cake business off the ground. (more on that later.) I've been busy busy busy . . . but I really need to make the time to blog. I love to go back and re-read my old posts - so many details I would have forgotten about if I hadn't written them down.

Now, I just re-read this and it is kinda sounding like a Christmas newsletter. You know, the really annoying ones that are sickening wonderful? So, in and effort to keep it real I'm going to include this information so you don't feel the need to keep rolling your eyes.

Megan-sometimes forgets to wipe after she poops, Brendan-picks his nose . . . lots, I am losing the battle with my weight, and John . . . well, John remains perfect in every way.

I hope you hear a lot more from me soon!


Missy said...

LOL! So glad to see you back on the Roll!

Schwartz Family said...

I have missed you! I always look forward to reading your Blog. Glad your family is doing good.