Thursday, August 26, 2010

Super Mario

Every year around the time of Colin's birthday, I get a little giddy. Yes, I'm happy to celebrate my little nephew's birth and all but what really gets me is the cake. Yes friends, the cake. Colin's cake is always fun to make and he always has the best reaction to it.

This year, he wanted a Super Mario Brothers cake. My first task was figuring out what the heck a Super Mario Brother actually was. I probably spent more time researching what creatures, decorations, etc. would actually go the cake than making the cake itself. (Although that may be a toss up.)

Colin LOVED his cake. He liked it so much, when Justin asked him if he wanted to go swimming, Colin said *sigh*,

"I just wanna sit and look at my cake a little bit longer."
How's that for a great reaction!

The mushroom was chocolate/chocolate chip cake covered in fondant. The middle tier was chocolate/chocolate chip and the bottom tier was white almond sour cream cake. Both tiers were filled and iced with vanilla buttercream.

I made the scary brown mushroom guy, the red mushroom guy, and the spiky turtle out of fondant. All the decor on the cake itself was fondant. The Mario, Luigi, Yoshi were toys that Colin got to keep.

And this is Justin's FRART. (Fruit + Art)

It is supposed to be a Mario cart (steering wheel on left, spoiler on right.)

Justin and I have a friendly competition going to see who can create the "show stopper" of the birthday party . . . his FRART vs. my cake.

I'll let you decide who won (although it was clearly me.)

This year . . . and last!

Justin's FRART 2009

Lisa's cake 2009

I think the score is . . . Lisa's cake 2, Justin's FRART 0

Maybe next year, Justin :)

Enough with the walk down memory lane, let's get back to a random photo from Colin's birthday party.

And one that Megan took before we left the house.

And by the way, Justin . . . I think your FRART is POOP (Positively Outstanding Period)


Stacy said...

Wow!! That cake is amaizing!! How do you do that with two kids running around?

Majorly Impressed,

Kristina P. said...

That cake is incredible. Seriously.

Cassie said...

That is an amazing cake! You did a wonderful job.

Missy said...

The cake is fabulous! OMG!!! Love it!

Kate said...

I am on to you

You won't post comments if people vote for the FRART.

Well I think it's a tie. Can't pick a winner - my sister vs. my husband. I'm either out a bff or out a bff.

Thanks for making my little guy's birthday cake year after year. I know he loves them and still talks about all the cakes you have made him in the past. We love you, The Frarts... hahahaha

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