Thursday, May 14, 2009

This is what talent looks like . . .

Megan's dance class performed their little number for another nursing home this week.
It was really nice to see the girls make people smile.
Here is a little clip of my prima ballerina performing.
(She is the tall one in the middle setting a good example for the rest of the girls :)
This Sunday is the big recital!

Before Megan's group performed, the Little Mermaids did their number. One little girl had to be literally dragged out by her mother and then abandoned in front of all those people. She was crying and refusing to dance. She looked up at her mom, her eyes begging to be taken out of there. Instead her mom mouthed to her, "You are in big trouble."

I don't know what came over me but tears just started pouring down my cheeks. The more I tried to stop them, the more they came. Pregnancy hormones aside, I felt so sorry for that little humiliated girl. I had to fight the urge to go snatch her up, hug and kiss her, and tell her it was ok that she didn't want to perform. Seriously, it was a nursing home performance. It was supposed to be fun. What is wrong with some people?????


Mary said...

Megan is adorable!!
Stage mothers are in my top 3 pet peeves of all time. I'd like to give the lady a pair of tights and a headband with ears and screamed "DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" right in her face.

But that's me.

Ruth Dunkman said...

I fully agree with you! Every year our Boy Scout troop works at the local Haunted Forest Walk. We host a scary scene and also sell concessions. It breaks my heart to see parents browbeating their children into walking through the scenes at night, and then telling them they are babies when them come out crying. Fortunately, the organization who sponsors this event offers an afternoon daytime session where little kids are given "power rings." When they walk through the scene, if they are ever afraid, they point their power rings at any monster, and the monster falls to the ground. I wish the mean parents would take advantage of this timing!

Megan was so cute, and the idea of performing for nursing home residents is super!

Love you!

The High Family said...

It's sad how bad parents have gotten when it comes to their children's activities. I would love for my son to play soccer someday BUT the "soccer moms" and the soccer clubs themselves scare the crap outta me!

I thought about doing dance with Kara someday too, BUT stage moms scare me even more! LOL