Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Little Bathroom Humor

Megan has been really cracking us up lately. She is really starting to say more and more words. We have to be really careful since it always seems like there is an ECHO in the room repeating anything we have said.

Her newest word is "poopie." This one is totally my fault . . . "Megan, did you go poopie?" (As if the stench isn't obvious enough.) She has started to scream, "No poopie! No poopie momma!" when I try to change her diaper.

Today that word proved a little embarassing. John, Megan, and I went out to lunch after her swim lesson. I took Megan into the restroom with me. I was doing what people do in the restroom when Megan started saying, very loudly by the way, "POOPIES! Mommy poopies! Stinky poopies!" I kept trying to quiet her down but she wouldn't stop. I said, "No Megan, Mommy just tinkles." I was not pooping, not that it really matters. It was embarassing, none the less. People in the restroom were giggling. Isn't having a toddler great!

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Mary said...

hahaha! Just like when Emma says, "Mommy, where's your nipple?" while I'm feeding Ava....jeez, Em, could you say that any louder? :)